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Jelle Dobma

Jelle Dobma

As  a child I alway's carried a disposable camera on holiday's. Even at a young age I was fascinated by the light and the beauty in our world. As a teenager in 2002, with money earned from paper routes, I bought my first digital camera. This was the start of an incredible journey into the world of photography. I made sure the camera had lot's of manual settings and options so I could really learn as much as possible. After a short time I acquired an analog SLR camera, shooting slides. While it was an interesting step it proved to be too expensive and unpractical as a learning tool, so I continued using digital camera's and upgraded as I learned. Fast forward to the present day and I'm still learning. Today's photographs are better then the ones from yesterday and tomorrows photographs will be better than the ones from today. This is what keeps the journey exiting.

But looking for something more besides the perfection one can create using digital photography, I've taken another go at analog photography. I'm medium format black & white film that I develop myself, which was the choice of professionals before digital camera's came along. And while digital photographs can be beautiful, analog photographs have a certain quality to them that you can't find in digital files. A warmth. A beautiful imperfection. A soul, if you will.

Now I'm using both analog and digital photography side by side, depending on what suits the job.

I currently live in the Swedish Highlands in the town of Åre. Here I'm studying 'Mountain & Outdoor life' to get closer to nature and learn how to be in the nature in a safe and responsible way, all year round and in all types of weather.

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